Sunday, April 24, 2011

Front Page Strategies from Natalya Part 2

Thanks for stopping by! Here is more from our enlightening chat with Natalya1905. To see PART 1 of this post click HERE.

Natalya not only gets her treasuries noticed by Etsy, she has treasuries that get a ton of comments and clicks. We picked her brain to find out the ways she promotes her treasuries and what makes a treasury "hot".

What do you do to promote a treasury so it stays hot?

I am a member of several wonderful teams, including The Perfect Team – TPT. :) When the Treasury is ready, I always send convos to all the featured artists. Try this Shmetsy extension, it is a huge time saver:

Then I put the link to my new Treasury on my Facebook and Twitter, on the team Treasury thread (if it is a team Treasury), and on the TPT.

Do you think having a "hot" treasury is as important as making a treasury that appeals to Etsy's aesthetic?

I believe in beautiful Treasuries. Tasteless and messy BNR-like Treasuries will never get to the Front Page, no matter how many views and comments they get. Besides, Etsy rarely picks hot Treasuries for the Front page.

Want your Treasury to get hot? Promote it as much as you can. Want your Treasury on the Front Page? Pick a trendy theme, make your collection as beautiful as you can, tag properly and get at least 50 views. That should be enough.

Do you think making treasuries helps with making sales in your own Etsy shop? If yes, how do you think it helps?

I can’t say I have noticed increase in sales since I began making Treasuries. I do it mostly for fun (must be still missing my job as a magazine editor :)) and to promote my friends and teammates.

When one of my items is featured on the Front Page, it is an amazing exposure, hundreds of views and hearts, several sales as a rule. When my Treasury is featured, I usually get people adding me to their circles, more people featuring my items in their Treasuries, but that is all.

Join us for the final part of this post and the advice Natalya has for new treasury makers!


  1. Awesome information Maggie and Natalya!
    I am doing all the things you suggest and yet I just don't seem to be getting anywhere. It's frustrating to say the least!

  2. Christine, bottom line just make treasuries you love! You will make the front page when you least expect it. (kinda like falling in love! lol)

  3. Such terrific advice! I would say do what you love. The golden ring of the FP is always out there for the taking so why not just have fun?

  4. Great advice. I always have been confused about how you make it to the Front Page.