Sunday, June 26, 2011

Etsy July Trends - Great Treasury Themes

Etsy's July Merchandising Blog post is out and offers up some great tips. Etsy's blog give us insights into what Etsy will be looking for when selecting front page treasuries. It also offers up some great Treasury theme ideas.

Here are some highlights:
  • Our central merchandising will focus on Americana, summer fashion, wedding season, and outdoor activities.
  • Weddings: At the height of wedding season, think about how your line can offer or evoke outdoor options for both the ceremony and after-party. Additional highlights on warm weather honeymooning and early preparations for fall and winter celebrations.
Now is when brides are shopping for fall and winter weddings. Even though it is still summer some of the hot colors for fall still fit nicely into a summer color pallet.
  • Vampires: They're back on the radar with shows like HBO's True Blood and the recent movie trailer release of Twilight's Breaking Dawn.
Although I am not big on Vampires (gasp), I have seen several front page treasuries featuring fangs and such. I would be interested to see our team's take on this.
  • Writable surfaces: Chalkboard and whiteboard.
I have seen this one pop up on the front page lately. Especially with the advancement in chalkboard paint. We can turn almost anything into a writable surface these days.
  • Upcycled lights and lamps, specifically with exposed bulbs.
I am including this because I think it is funny when they get so specific with these themes. I mean if you are a seller that makes upcycled lamps with no shades, then you will be featured in treasuries this month by golly! (ps if you are this type of seller, take advantage and make sure to tag your listings with these key words). FYI - I did a search for "exposed light bulbs" and only got 9 items.

  • Scandinavian patterns and motifs.
I am not sure what this is. I did a search on Etsy and found a huge variety of items. If you have a Scandinavian treasury, please comment with a link to it. I would love to see a treasury like this.

So get out there in July, lets see our team kick Etsy front page butt! (Be sure to keep the vampires separate from the exposed light bulbs!)

Photo Credits (click for link to shops)
Scandinavian Inspired Painted Circles
Recycled American Flag Pillow
Birch Lamp

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